D.Campbells Silver Fox Genetics

Colorful litters...
     ...the source of both fun and frustration in this lovely breed...

Welcome to My New Page!

     So, you are expecting a litter any day now, and you walk out one morning to the rabbitry with a nest full of fur.  You bred two black Silver Foxes together and they had nothing but black in the line...but as you happily begin to examine the kits, you discover you don't have all blacks - there's something else in the litter!  Hmmm...now what?

     There is a growing number of people who are running into different varieties cropping up in their litters.  Some of them love it because it makes the litter fun, others hate it.  But while we do not always agree on whether color surprises are a good or bad thing, Silver Fox breeders do agree upon one thing - a responsible breeder will keep track of it and disclose the information to customers.  There is a growing trend toward genetic testing to find carriers of weird stuff, but not all of us have the time or space to do it, and not all of us want to eat that many culls!  :P  And some of us at times have more people contact us for rabbits at one time than we can handle and keeping up with answering questions can be tough.  This site is designed to be a reference so people can look things up, whether buying, selling, or simply breeding.  As it grows, I thought I would expend a general thanks to anyone who took the time to test breed animals and expand the information found on this site, as I am aware that such a pursuit involved a good deal of work on the part of the breeders who made the effort to do so.  To those who didn't do test breeding but still contributed, I thank you as well - your voluntary disclosure of information is still immensely valuable to both this project and breeders in general, and indicates you have an honest quality which is to be commended.

     I created this project in response to discussions on the groups about the possibility of creating a listing for known carriers of colors other than the standard black so that we may better track lines that might give us surprises.  As of the moment, only the blacks are recognized, but if any of the COD varieties pass, I do not plan to have this page affected, as it could be very helpful for some people to know if there's a chance of them having ANY recessives which may affect their litters.  Each page will have three groupings - one for animals of the variety, one for known carriers, and one for Maybe Babies, or possible carriers.  Listings will be appear in groups by breeder prefix, in alphabetical order.  Individuals will be listed alphabetically by ear number.  Animals entered will be listed as live unless I have been informed otherwise.  Deceased animals will remain in the listing because if they produced offspring, they could have their genetics floating around for a number of generations, but their entries will be in italics.  Please do not submit anything under age of 8 weeks.

     You can submit entries only if you are the owner or the original breeder of an animal. The colors we will be tracking are as follows (please note agouti and steel are not true recessives, I am merely treating them as such to simplify the project):

A Locus: Agouti (Super Steel)
B Locus: Chocolate
D Locus: Dilute (blue, lilac, etc.)
C Locus: Self Chin, Sable, Pointed White, Albino / Ruby-Eyed White
E Locus: Steel, Harlequin, Tort / Non-extension
Fur discrepancies: Satin (in case it appears in chocolate lines), Wool

If you should encounter anything in your herd not listed above or that you aren't sure about, please report it to me by emailing [email protected] and entering SF SUPRISE!!! in the subject line.  I will do my best to modify the site to accommodate your new surprise.  Use the same email to contact me about submissions, but instead enter SF GENETICS as the subject and submit as much of the following information for each rabbit as you have on hand:

Breeder Prefix
Ear Number
Birth Date
Sex: Buck or Doe?
Known Recessives
Possible Recessives
Sire's Name & Ear Number
Dam's Name & Ear Number
Status: Alive or Deceased?

Please be ABSOLUTELY certain before submitting any animal as a variety or carrier.  I do not want in any way, shape, or form to divulge false information to the Silver Fox community.

Special thanks to Jeff Douglas-Temm for giving me permission to use photos he has posted for this site!  :)  To interact with others working on this project, follow the link below and join the Facebook group for Silver Fox genetics.  :)