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Posted by [email protected] on March 5, 2014 at 1:10 PM

Welcome to my Silver Fox Genetics blog.  Here we can discuss any questions you may have about anything that may be cropping up in your litters.  It is important that we figure out for sure what the color is you are coming up with so that if you request submission to this site, the animal will be listed on the correct pages with the correct information.  While I welcome questions in general, please be aware that I will only accept submissions for animals you personally own or bred.

A few rules:

1. No name calling or profanities (my definition, which does NOT include good natured ribbing between friends).

2. No fighting.  While debates can be very constructive, they lose their point when they become too emotional, so if I feel that has happened, I will declare the conversation dead and I expect it to REMAIN dead.

3. No advertising on this page.  While I understand people may have their moments when they run into someone they want to get in contact with, I do not want people actually marketing their animals or other products here.  Wanted posts for those seeking animals for their projects are permitted.

4.  The topic is color and genetics of the Silver Fox breed.  Please do not stray too far from this.

5.  Be polite.  Remember, we as breeders ALL put a lot of work into our animals.  So be mindful of that and respect people's reputations and feelings when you are on this page.  Attacks on other people will NOT be tolerated and comments in which a person takes stabs at another will be evaluated and, if I believe they are made in a vicious manner, deleted without warning, along with any other comments which build upon them.

6.  This is probably the most important rule - HAVE FUN!!!

Thank you for joining us in our genetics discussions!  :)

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